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An amazing Transformation effect with a cute story and LOTS OF MAGIC

Created by Richard Pinner around 1998 as part of his act that won
‘The Magic Circle Close Up Magician Of The Year 1999’

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A group of children you did a show for, or your own children, made you this very special pack of cards or maybe this was the first deck you owned. Anyway, once you have displayed this unique and charming deck of cards you use your magical powers to transform it in to a more traditional design.

This first transformation can take place on the participants hand.

Then you fix the whole deck and do some mindreading while you're there. However, it seems a little cruel to ruin such a lovely gift so you turn the whole deck back to its former, if eclectic, glory.

The deck does all the work for you. It's rough & smooth, short & long and marked!

You just have to be there to sparkle during the trick and then take the credit at the end.
I don't mind, I'm happy to share!

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Dimensions 6.7 × 2 × 9.5 mm

1 review for Kids’ Kards

  1. David

    These cards by richard pinner are amazing.
    So many magical effects in one packet and nothing to memorise.
    I would honestly recommend these to any magician or anyone interested in magic.
    One of the best packs of cards ive brought and definitely value for money.

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