Forced Focus

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You decide what they see!

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I really like it.

If you want to do a mind reading routine online with a deck of cards this is the way to go.

Luca Volpe

Forced Focus is fantastic.

What Richard has created is not just a trick, it is a fully fledged utility prop.

Katherine Rhodes

The possibilities are endless.

I got really excited when I first saw Forced Focus. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Marc Oberon

Forced Focus gives you the ability to force one or several cards in a very clean and fair way, without the participants touching the cards.

The ingenious principle means the spectators cannot see any values other than the cards being forced, yet gives the impression a complete deck of cards is being shown.

This clever idea creates new possibilities for classic plots such as Tossed Out Deck and Multiple Card Revelations and opens them up to the virtual world.

It is ideal for virtual shows and also in a live environment.

1 review for Forced Focus

  1. Aman Alhamid

    Very nice card stock and the corner shorting is done immaculately!

    You get what you pay for, from the quality of the cards, to the card box to the tutorials and even envelope templates that you get! Richard Pinner really makes this worth every penny!

    Best part is that it works face to face just as well as it does on Zoom!

    Great contender for trick of the year of 2021!

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