Ring Flight & Ring Flash


Richard Pinner’s handing of Ring Flash has taken this effect to the next level. Excellent” – Wayne Dobson

I was totally bamboozled. That ring thing is killer” – Robbie Coltrane

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Floating Ring
You will learn how to float a borrowed ring from your hand to theirs. Once the ring leaves your fingers you never touch it again.

Created in the early 90's following the invention of the Invisible Thread Reel and only shared with a few close friends, now the full handling of Richard's amazing Floating Ring is available to everyone.

The Floating Ring requires an ITR. I recommend the Thread Boss Reel with Spectra Thread from Sorcery Manufacturing.

Ring Flash
You will make a borrowed ring cleanly vanish and then reappear in a flash of fire on a sterling silver chain.

A simple and direct effect that get gasps. Included is the "Box Of Wonder" and 22 inch sterling silver chain with magnetic clasps.

One of the questions I get asked is how easy is it to get hooked up with people watching.  Well in this performance you can see the whole thing from borrowing the ring.



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